Ancillary Services To
Enhance Your Practice 
Are you ready for a business breakthrough? Consider adding an ancillary service to transform your business. 
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Ancillary Service Offerings
Ancillary medical services are additional, professional services you can offer your patients from the comfort of your own practice. If you frequently refer patients for tests, screenings, therapies, or other services out-of-office, consider bringing these options in-house. You can provide enhanced service to your patients while also increasing your revenue. Ancillary services offer many benefits to both you and your patients.
Patient Benefits 
Ancillary services reduce the need for patients to make additional appointments and travel to an off-site location
Clinical Benefits 
Immediate Results
You can provide a higher level of care with immediate test results. 
Improved Compliance
Fewer patients are lost to follow-up when you can order same-day, in-house services.
Increased Revenue
Ancillary services provide extensive options to bring in additional revenue while expanding care for your patients. 
Explore Ancillary Services
You can provide a higher level of care with immediate test results. 
The DEXA process generates valuable insights to guide your diagnosis and treatment lifecycle. Offer certified DEXA services in-office to expand your business model.
Allergy Treatments
Many patients worldwide struggle with seasonal, environmental, food, and medical allergies. You can better serve your patients with ancillary allergy testing, treatments, and more.  
IV Therapies
IV therapy provides a powerful treatment for many conditions such as cancer, autoimmune diseases, chronic illnesses, dehydration, and more. Patients can enjoy immediate, effective relief through IV treatments, which provide faster and more comprehensive results than traditional oral therapies. 
Medical Fitness 
You may tell your patients they should start exercising for their health and longevity, but do they know how to start working out? Medical fitness services bridge the gap between your professional advice and your patient’s exercise knowledge. Offer medically safe, evidence-based fitness programs to help your patients transform their lives. 
Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) 
Provide constant, consistent services with Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). These tools help you stay connected to your patients between appointments and are a versatile, modern option for evolving medical care.  
Private Labeled Supplements 
Do you often recommend patients add a supplement to their diet to enhance their health? Take the next step by providing private labeled supplements through your office. This service helps you get the right supplements into the hands of every patient. 
Executive Physicals 
Executive physicals overcome the objection of many working professionals: that they’re simply too busy to take care of their health. Offer a comprehensive, holistic bundle of diagnostic services, consultations, and planning to encourage professionals to maintain their health. 
Regen Medicine
Regenerative medical treatments use a patient’s own stem cells and other growth factors to speed and enhance the natural healing process. Regen treatments are ideal for serious athletes as well as patients living with chronic pain and illness.  
Aesthetic Procedures 
Your patients want to look and feel their best, so aesthetic procedures are an ideal addition to any practice. Offer skin rejuvenation treatments such as microneedling, hyaluronic acid treatments, chemicals peels, and more to keep your patients in-house for their anti-aging concerns. 
Shockwave therapy uses low-energy soundwaves to treat a variety of conditions. You can encourage healing, manage gallstones and kidney stones, and reduce pain through this non-invasive technique. 
Hyperbaric Chamber 
Hyperbaric oxygen chambers are emerging as a vital treatment for people with neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental disorders. Increased oxygen levels are shown to promote brain tissue repair and improve cognitive abilities.
Breast Thermography 
Breast thermal imaging diagnostics can detect early signs of breast cancer. This non-invasive method can identify potential warning signs much earlier than traditional mammograms and is ideal for younger patients who want to track their baseline breast health. 
By monitoring the carotid intima media thickness (CIMT), you can assess a patient’s risk for developing heart disease. CIMT monitoring uses a simple, painless test that can be performed in ten minutes or less, giving you another tool to monitor cardiac health. 
Why Choose Well Life Medical
Well Life Medical is an integrative, functional medicine clinic in Amarillo, Having developed a successful RPM program for our clinic, we've done the tedious groundwork of discovering what does and does not work for patients, doctors and insurance companies alike. Skip the discovery process with our turnkey RPM service. Outsourcing RPM to Well Life allows you to give your patients the extended integrative medical care they need while also increasing your clinic's revenue.
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